Slide & Fly

Headdown & Freefall

While sliding head to head, you will be in a competition together.
All together excitement and adrenaline! All right, we are waiting to you our new turquois Freefall slide.

Loop Pink & Loop Blue

An adrenaline pumping experience of a fast free fall with the opening of the floor, and making a 360° tour on the right-hand (Loop Pink) & on the left-hand (Loop Blue) side!

Amazon Family Slide


With the large boats up to 6 people, you will not want to finish this journey towards the Gulf of Kusadasi!

Hillside Slide

In this vertical slide, you will slide down and then backward. You will not be able to open your eyes!

Hillside Slide XL

In this large slide, you will slide down and then backward. You will feel yourself as if you fly!

Red Phantom

Test the heart stopping drops at speeds up to 60 km/hour; before coming to a splashing stop!


Hurtling down through 52 meters length before encountering an exhilarating splashdown!


Soak up the excitement and chute into mid air reaching mind blowing speeds!

White Tiger

Wet, free-fall plunges of adrenaline pumping fun; bouncing up and down four at the same time! Hold on tight before you make a big splash with excitement and laughter!


Snatch your boat and get ready for an attracting scenery on a lovely, relaxing ride!

Crazy River

The river rafting adventure offers you a slippery, struggling splashing journey with high-banked turns and unexpected dips!

Big Tornado

Go on a fun filled ride through the loops twisting turns and sloping drops with a plunge into the refreshing pool below!

Mini Tornado

An express twisty lane for cooling off!


Adding colour to your splashing ride is lots of fun !

Black Hole

Excites thrill seekers in a speed slide romp through a totally dark, twisting tunnel ending with a cooling splash!

Yellow Python

Feel the sensation as you slide up and down in a spinning giant tube! Hang tight to your boat as you tumble to a splash pond below!