Seasonal Membership Prices

Adaland Aquapark 2019 Seasonal Membership Prices:

Family Membership: 

  • 0 - 3 age is free
  • 4 - 9 age is 125 EURO
  • 10 age and above is 150 EURO

The Seasonal Membership Rules:

  • The Family Membership includes the membership of at least 2 paid people with a first-degree relatives.(Mother, father and children)
  • The membership card is valid just only for the season 2019 and has a personal usage, it can not be used by someone else.
  • The members can enter just only once a day to the park .
  • The members can not make any commercial activity, advertisement and propaganda in the park.
  • If any diseases (infectious sores on the skin ... etc) threatening the health of the other guests is determined, the membership is canceled and the money can not be refunded.
  • The membership fee does not include the expenditures made in the park and the shuttle service.